Monday, 9 July 2012

New dawn, new day.

Now that I'm done school it's kind of hit me like a brick wall that whatever comes next is completely up to me...

I've been trying to really look closely at my beliefs, values and morals and decide what means the most to me. I've realized that I am not very good at multitasking - and not in the sense of I can't watch TV and write a report at the same time... mine is even more intense than that. It seems that I can only devote myself 100% to one thing at a time. For the last 3 years that has been school and I feel as though I've let a lot of other things that matter to me slip.

The first thing that I am working on is my health and fitness. I have always been a "big boned" kind of girl, was a Michelin Man baby, chubby kid, thick tween and it wasn't until high school when I joined Cheerleading that I was thin. My team was the best in Canada - we trained really hard. 5km runs every week, 5am practice Wednesdays, practice every day after school and in grade 11 I was on two teams - one my high school team, the other a private club and I also coached a junior team for the club. I was at the gym 6 days a week with Sunday being my only day off. Once I was done high school I decided to leave my cheerleading career behind. Unfortunately I left my exorcize career with it too.

I am living at home for the year [more on that later] so I've decided its time to spend some well deserved "me" time. Get myself to a place that I am happy with. I mentioned previously that my Nan and I were going to T-Zone, and we love it. We go almost every day. My friends and family have all been saying that they see a big difference already and it's only been a month. I've even started doing a nightly routine before bed. I start with 5 push-ups [not the girly kind on your knees - legit push-ups], then I do 15-20 sit-ups, 15 squats, yoga for 10 minutes, stretch for 5 and meditate until I feel relaxed.

I then decided that I should really work on my cardio, I really notice that my strength is improving but my cardio is still lacking. I figure that if I start small it can only go up from there. So every-other-day I have been doing 10 minutes on the elliptical.

Well, the other day I woke up and decided today was a cardio day. My mom was home from work and was going shopping but I decided to stay home and to my fitness routine as planned [a huge thing for me to decide on my own]. So I got on the elliptical for my 10 minutes as usual and at about 9 minutes I realized I wasn't tired... so I said "lets do 15minutes". After 15 minutes I looked at the digital display and it said I had done 3.7km distance... that was crazy to me.. and I thought "how cool would it be to make it to 5km" since it had been 4 years since I had even attempted to run 5km. So I did it, I stayed on the elliptical until it reached 5km and I was so happy with myself I almost cried. With adrenaline pumping through me I bent down and did 5 push-ups, realized I wasn't tired so kept going and did 10, then 30 sit-ups and so on...\

Needless to say - it doesn't matter how little you do.. the point is it's better than sitting on the couch..and that's what keeps me going every day. If one day I'm super tired I'll just do 10minutes on the elliptical rather than 20 but the point is that I'm doing something and once I build up my body's endurance maybe I'll be able to run in race. Who knows, the possibilities are endless and the only person standing in my way is myself!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Lalala love story...

Last week my boyfriend came to visit.

We have been together for 3 years [officially as of July 10th] and have been madly in love the entire time.

It was the summer before I went alway to college. My boyfriend at the time and I had just broken up and my final summer in Muskoka was just beginning. Coincidentally, Max [my boyfriend] and his girlfriend at the time had broken up on the exact same day.

We had a mutual friend through JJ and would always hangout together. I never really thought of Max that way, just because I never thought he was remotely interested in me... So I spent the summer in lala land, goofing off, being silly with my best friend JJ and our friend Max. We would go to the river and go skinny dipping, stay up late and walk around town, go dancing, camp in each other's backyards. You know, the normal things friends do in the summer.

Well after June we had all turned 19 and went to the local bar more regularly. Max and a few of our other friends had gotten this amazing loft apartment together and we found ourselves spending 99% of our time between there and the local bar "The Pig".

One night we headed out to The Pig for a night of drinks and dancing. We were sitting at the bar and Max said "Cait, would you like a drink". I said no, as usual, just thinking he was being polite. After he left one of his friends comes up to me and says "JUST LET THE GUY BUY YOU A DAMN DRINK! HE LIKES YOU AND HAS BEEN TRYING TO GET YOUR ATTENTION FOR WEEKS!" .... I was so shocked! I actually had no idea that he thought of me that way. So I headed to the dance floor to dance away my embarrassment. When out of the corner of my eye I see two of Max's friends push him in my direction and then he started dancing with me - so I danced back. And we danced, and danced and danced, all night. Finally I let him buy me a drink [or two, or three].

After that we texted 24/7 and went to the bar every Saturday night and danced some more until we finally kissed :) We didn't really know what our situation was so for a long time it was just fun, care free and what we both called "a summer fling" .. We knew I was going away to school 3+ hours from where he'd be and I didn't [at the time] want to be tied down in my first year of college.

Well, that didn't work. 3 weeks before I left for school he confessed that he loved me and wanted to make the distance work. I agreed and we did just that! He came down on weekends and saw me and when I had time off I'd bus up to Muskoka. Then in about March he decided he was going to move to Kitchener and we'd live together... The rest is what you call history. We've lived together for 2 1/2 years, have two cats, a dog. We hardly fight and when we do we resolve it very quickly. He is my rock, he calms me on a level no one else can, and he makes me laugh so much. I love him more than words can explain and I know our love will last <3

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Positive Vibrations...

I'm not going to lie, the last year [especially the last few months] have been a roller coaster of emotions.  I think I spent the entire year fearing graduation as I was content with my daily routine of going to school, working at the college, living with my boyfriend, walking our dog and playing with our cats - and suddenly my future past May was a big "UNKNOWN".

But I made it past the mental deadline of May and have really started to appreciate going with the flow. My very first tattoo I got was a side pieces spanning from my ribcage to my hip bone with the quote "Never Give Up • Always • Live for the Moment" and I am starting to realize that I just need to let go of all my fears and live for the moment. Life has a funny way of working it's self out and it seems no matter how hard I try and plan things, it never quite works out.

I have established a new outlook on life through positive thinking and using the power of attraction. What energy you put out is what you shall receive. I've even gone as far as meditating whenever I have a few minutes of quiet [living with two children under five, four adults, two cats and a dog - finding peace and quiet can often been a task]. I have been trying hard to let go of any negative feelings and fill them with positive ones and if that's all this new mentality brings to me, then I'm happy.

Along with my new "positive vibe" outlook my Nan and I have joined another kind of "vibe" called T-Zone Vibrations. It's basically this machine you stand on that produces vibrations similar to walking. Our body reacts to this natural stimulus with an involuntary reflex muscle contraction. Depending on the speed, muscles will react up to 23 times per second. The tag line being "10 minutes = 1 hour in the gym". Today we signed up for a 3 month membership and are going to give it a try. I've only heard good things from friends that have tried the machines and the woman who owns the business in my town said she lost 88lbs doing t-zone alone.

So here's to positive thinking, healthy living and going with the flow!

Monday, 18 June 2012


So now that I'm graduated and have to find my way in the world I've had some [immediate] difficulties finding employment. As my boyfriend and I live in Kitchener together, where I went to school, we felt as though we had established ourselves in the tri-city and wanted to stay there and continue our careers in the area.

HOWEVER, this proved to be more difficult that previously thought. I spent over 2 months and 50+ applications to all kinds of jobs. At first, in my field [advertising, marketing, design, promotions, events] then when nothing came through on that front I deferred to customer service, front desk, retail... still nothing. After going to failed interview after the other I was about to start looking ANYWHERE.

 My grandparents came up from England at the end of May and it was also my little sisters 3rd birthday so I made the trip from Kitchener to Muskoka with my puppy for [what was supposed to be] a visit.

While visiting my mom encouraged me to apply to places in town [even if it was temporary, it was something right] so reluctantly I did and got hired at a local hotel as a front desk agent [something I have many years experience in] and enjoy the hotel/tourism scene in the summer. I am on day 2 of 4 days of straight midnights and needless to say I HATE it. BUT at least I'm working and am now able to pay all my bills and be a grown up again :)

Sunday, 17 June 2012

A little [okay, a lot] about ME.

While you're getting to know me and what I'm all about I thought I'd do a small [okay, long] blurb on myself!

I am a only child with [when added all together] 7 siblings. My mom had me at the age of 16 and (for the most part) raised me on her own. [My mother is the strongest person I know, and through all her trials and tribulations has managed to lead a successful, happy life.] Throughout my years I have had 3 step-sisters [equivalent in personality and treatment of the characters in cinderella], a half brother [17] & sister [14] on my Dads side and two sisters [3 & 4 years old] on my moms side. Needless to say my family situation is confusing but my family loves and supports me through everything and I wouldn't be who I am today without them.

I was student council president & valedictorian in public school, cheerleader in high school and then took a year off and moved to a small town in Muskoka, ON. Moving to my little corner in the world was the best thing I ever did and no matter how far I stray there will always been a connection with the beauty, both in the people, atmosphere and friends I found there.

I met most of my best friends here and friends that have managed to prove their commitment to our friendship more than anyone ever has. Being someone who falls in love more often than makes friends, I find it harder to trust a friend than I do a lover as boys are meant to break your heart but the worst kind of heartbreak is over a friend [in my opinion].

During my year off, working in a Copy Centre, I realized I had a talent for graphic arts and decided to take a Design fundamentals program to see where this talent would leed me. Off to Kitchener, ON I went all by my lonesome but ended up [once again] making an amazing life decision. I loved Conestoga College, residence, my new friends and living on my own. Thankfully my boyfriend and I from Muskoka decided to stay together, even though we would be long distance [by 3+hours], but we made it work and I couldn't have survived being that far from home without him.

After my first year at Conestoga was over, I had the choice to continue my education or move home - thankfully I chose to continue and was accepted into the Advertising program. I quickly learned that was the right choice as my teachers were impressed and my marks backed it up. Consistently at the top of my class, I was excited to finally find something I was good at, and enjoyed. In my final year I was hired as the College's Student Life Promotional Assistant and was blown away that I was offered the position. I absolutely loved the job, the department and all the staff I got to work with.

Now - 4 days after receiving my diploma in Advertising I feel as if I am in limbo waiting for my first career opportunity. I'm not going to lie, it's been tough so far finding a job but I have to keep reminding myself that it's only been a few months since I've been out of school :) [what's that saying... "All good things come to those who wait"] Well here's waiting...

Join me on this adventure...

I am a recent graduate from the Advertising and Design & Communication programs at Conestoga College. With that comes a whole lot of confusion, trial and error and trying to find my way. This blog, titled “Cait – Off the Beaten Path” is meant to guide me though this maze called life. Join me on this adventure as there is sure to be ups, downs, curves and detours along the way.